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Great Cycling Routes in England


Where To Find 10 Great Cycling Routes in England

Whether as a hobby or sport, cycling in England is a fun activity. However, it is important to note that there are special cycling routes in England set aside for the sole purpose of cycling. They have the necessary facilities and quality needed for proper cycling activities. In this article, we are going to look at the top ten best cycling routes in England.

What are the qualities of good cycling routes?

Before discussing the best cycling routes in England, it is important to note that a good cycling route has the following features:

1 Good terrain

2 A place for refreshment, for example, a restaurant

3 Beautiful sceneries along the road


What and where are the best routes for cycling in England?

Having named some qualities that make up good cycling routes, we now take a look at the best ten available in the country.


    1. Mortehoe to Croyde, North Division


This is a short route of approximately 3.5 miles and is one of the best available in England for cycling purposes. At Mortehoe, you do not have to worry about anything as a cyclist. As you start your journey right from Victoria House B&B, you get a glimpse of the never ending cycling road on your right.

Woolacombe-beach Image Credits: Hughie O’Connor Flickr–


The main advantage of riding along this route is you get to view the beautiful scenery available along the road. For example,  you can view the stunning beach at Woolacombe along the route. In addition to that, if you happen to feel hungry or thirsty while cycling, you can check into the various hotels and restaurants available along the road.


  1. Tetbury to Sherston, Cotswold


While at Tetbury, you can choose any road depending on the activities you wish to undertake or the sites you want to view. With the total distance approximating up to 13 miles, the cycling route has the following features:

1 Summer smell of fresh cut grass

2 The Cat and Custard pub at Shipton Moyne Village

3 Ancient villages like Easton Gray

4 Westonbirt Arboretum

Westonbirt Arboretum
Westonbirt Arboretum


  1. East End to East Boldre, Hampshire


This cycling route approximates to 9 miles. Cycling here is pure fun as the route has the following amazing features:

1 Historic features such as the New Forest (dates back to 1079)

2 Amazing sceneries like the wheat fields along the road

3 Historic sites like Buckler’s Hard museum (ships were built here)

4 Open air museum

New forest


  1. Aldbury to Frithsden, Hertfordshire


This cycling route is 15 miles approximately. Like all the other amazing cycling routes in England, it has the following features that make cycling on it fun:

1 Refreshment areas such as idyllic pub

2 Scenic sites like Ashridge Estate

3 Historic sites like the Castle Ruins

4 Monuments such as the Bridgewater monument

Ashbridge Estate
Ashbridge Estate Image courtesy of National Trust


  1. Foulsham to Heydon, Norfolk

This cycling route approximating to 12 miles has the following features:

1 Historic sites like the 12th-century church

2 Beautiful scenery like the Heydon Village

3 Beautiful infrastructure

Very quickly after leaving Foulsham village, you will soon find yourself in a web of small lanes that thread their way between the fields in this beautiful countryside.   After passing the 12th-century church you will arrive in Heydon. A 300-year-old village that oozes charm.

Heydon village Image courtesy of Flickr
Heydon village



                 6. Clifford Chambers To Hidcote Gardens Warwickshire


This cycling route (approximately 17 miles) is famous its connection with Shakespeare and the birthplace of the Bard. Some of the amazing features along this route include:

1 Red-brick cottages

2 Beautiful sceneries like the Kiftsgate Court Gardens

3 Ancient sites like the Wimpstone Village

Bring a picnic to Hidcote Gardens and shut yourself off for an afternoon of peace and quiet. If you do not have a bike and want to hire then call Stratford Bike Hire (07711 776340,




  1. Hebden Bridge to Todmorden, West Yorkshire


Although this is not a very long cycling route (approximately 9 miles), it is still worth consideration as one of the best cycling routes. It has the following features:

1 A canal for easy and safe riding

2 Amazing physical features

3 Amazing sceneries like the swans snoozing on the bank

4 Pubs and restaurants along the way for refreshments


Hebden bridge
Image courtesy of


  1. East Witton To Jervaulx Abbey


The features along this 11 miles cycling route are wonderful.  They Include:

1 Ancient sites

2 Amazing sceneries

3 Beautiful ancient infrastructure

The countryside is typical English in East Witten and has not changed for many years. When you leave the village very quickly you’re cycling over an old stone bridge that’s barely wide enough to fit a car. For icecream junkies stop and see Family-run High Jervaulx Farm and stop by the Jervaulx Abbey on your way.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia


  1. Coniston to Little Langdale, Cumbria

Among the top ten best cycling routes, this is perhaps the shortest. However, maybe the prettiest. The pretty town of Coniston is where you set off, you take the slate path leading from this 300-year-old village and shortly after leaving and crossing a brook the landscape gets rises dramatically with steep cliffs on either side:

1 Provides you with a stunning countryside atmosphere

2 Ancient sites like the Beatrix Potter

3 You get to cycle on roads that are not necessarily tarmacked

4 Ancient pubs

Coniston Village
Image courtesy of


  1. North Sunderland to Bamburgh, Northumberland


This route approximating to 15 miles makes up our top ten best cycling routes in England. Its features include:

1 Ancient sites like the St Cuthberts’s House Church

2 Amazing road structure to cycle on

3 Beautiful sites like the Bamburgh Castle which was once a major power in the UK. Admission fees apply to gain entrance.



While there are other amazing routes to cycle on while in England, the above-discussed routes provide the best cycling experiences. Most of them have ancient buildings, amazing sceneries, pubs along the way for refreshments and historic sites amongst many others. They all give you a dilemma on where to go cycling. They are some of the best routes for cycling in England.

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