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Can we try before we buy?

Sorry - We do not currently have a showroom or shop for you to view our products at Little Pro. However, you are able to return anything that you are not happy with for up to 30 days after purchase. Please ensure you do not remove tags etc from clothing before trying it!

ABOUT LITTLE PRO was founded in 2016 by Paul Ebrey - Dad of two active kids

My kids, like many these days, were early out of the gates when trying the more extreme sports. It all started when we discovered Islabikes. At the time my eldest child was 4, the youngest still 2. Both took to cycling very quickly once they had the Islabikes at their disposal. They rapidly moved on to riding back and forth to school,  zooming down hills in the woods at break-neck speeds. After one particularly spectacular crash, which mangled my eldest's cheap helmet (thankfully no lasting harm to the child), we decided it was time to invest in some decent kit.

That's where things became very difficult. Apparently, kids aged 2 & 4 are not supposed to be throwing themselves down hills like this, and whilst we were able to source a decent helmet, everything else - riding tops, shorts, gloves were ridiculously difficult to source. None of the sports outlets seemed to cater for this age range, with most starting at a minimum of 6 years old.

I took to the forums - surely there must be somewhere. But no - everyone was in the same position as me. It was a case of shopping around and adapting/making do with whatever you could find.

So, I decided to do something about it. Little Pro is a site dedicated to bringing together all the products that we can find to service the aged 2 - 6 age group. But we have gone further. Because it is so difficult to find some items, we are in the process of creating our own custom range. Like Islabikes, these are products we have created with the children in mind, rather than the adult. We have employed the services of a top sportswear designer who works with many of the main brands in order to do this.

Furthermore, we check every product we take on for quality. You will find no toys on this site. Nor will you find anything from the bargain bucket at Primark. Decent quality gear, that's suitable for your very own little pro.


We are always looking for feedback and ideas or suggestions as to how we can improve. Whether it be product suggestions or feedback on the site - we're always listening! Please click here to go to our contact us page and send us a message.