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A Complete Guide To Cycling Gloves For Children

cycling gloves for kids

How To Choose Cycling Gloves For Children

In the growth and development of a child, playing is one of the key activities. As a child continues to grow, the type of games they play also changes and cycling is one of the activities that children love most. Depending on the type of bike your child rides, it is very important to ensure that they put on some kind of protective wear and a good pair of cycling for gloves for children is essential when out biking. This is to protect them from injuries in case of an accident and keep out the elements.

It does not matter if your kids like to ride on the road or if they like to push the limits on their mountain bikes, cycling gloves for kids are an essential part of any kids biking outfit. There are many types of gloves to consider for the job in hand, excuse the pun 🙂

However as a rough guide before we delve further…

Which cycling gloves for children are best suited for the job

It’s long fingered vs short fingered for protection, (Trail / MTB gloves tend to be long fingered)

Road gloves tend to be more short fingered, but there no hard & fast rule

Protecting the hands

This is the number one reason why children should always wear gloves while out on their bikes. Most children will lose their balance as they ride at some time or other, and they tend to use their hands to save themselves when hitting the dirt or tarmac. In this case, their hands can get bruised and cut easily, or at the very least, result in a decent gravel rash. However, with a good pair of cycling gloves, these kinds of injuries can be reduced or prevented.

Having a good grip

Apart from providing protection to your child, cycling gloves also serve the purpose of providing a firm grip when riding. During hot and humid conditions, children’s hands tend to become sweaty and they may slip off the handle if gloves are not worn. Sweating also increases friction and the child’s palms may develop blisters on a long ride.

Coloured cycling gloves

Gloves come in different many different colours and combinations. This in children is very important for it makes them feel good and makes riding more exciting. This is the key reason after all as to why children play in the first place; to have fun and be happy.

Cycling Gloves For Children

Types of kids cycling gloves

Cycling gloves basically fall into 2 categories – Road cycling gloves and MTB or trail gloves. They are then broken down further into winter or summer gloves.

Winter cycling gloves

A good winter cycling glove would be waterproof and provide warmth and protection against wind and rain. A great example of kids winter biking glove would be the ultra children’s cresta waterproof glove.

winter Cycling Gloves For Children

This is a multipurpose warm waterproof kids gloves worn during cold seasons when cycling and even when undertaking other activities. It provides brilliant protection from cold water and the wind and has good breathability.

Summer cycling gloves

Summer gloves are entirely different to winter gloves and are generally lightweight gloves that will allow the skin to breathe. A good lightweight pair of gloves will offer tremendous grip on the handlebars with all the features required for added protection and an exceptional comfort.  Another great example is the Altura youth airstream mitt.

summer Cycling Gloves For Children

This is an excellent children’s cycling glove with fingerless sprint mitts Their soft texture made from synthetic leather makes this type of cycling gloves good for children. With the advanced Altura Dry™ technology, this glove is specially engineered to move excess moisture away from the skin.

Road cycling gloves

These gloves are generally open fingered gloves, however, here is no hard and fast rule on this. The gloves need to provide superior support and padded palm protection whether they are long or short finger mitts. Polaris make the excellent Controller cycling mitt

Cycling Gloves For Children


These popular kids cycling gloves with strong Amara pad palms give your child superb comfort and good grip when handling the handlebars. They have a stretching Lycra fabric on the lower side that gives it good breathability. They are adjusted to fit your kid’s hand by using the Velcro tab closure on the wrist as well as the terry wipe on the thumb.

Mountain biking gloves

MTB gloves need to serve many purposes, however, protection against injury is its first priority. These gloves are generally long finger gloves with maximum protection on the palms and fingers.  Wulfsport is well known for quality biking kit and their Wulfsport force gloves are no exception and are an excellent example of a great MTB glove.

WulfSport Force Glove


The range of cycling gloves for children now available is pretty huge. Kids can now get the protection that was usually afforded to only adults in the cycling marketplace. Now, however, the demand for quality kids biking gear is on the rise as affluent families like to get out on the bikes as a family as they have more leisure time to spend together, as a family.

You can find a great range of kids cycling gloves & accessories in small to large (age 2 – 16) here at Little Pro. If you cannot find what you are looking for then drop us an email and we will get right back to you.



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