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Ti-Go Kids Cycling Knee Pads for aged 2 – 9 years

Never fear, the Ti-GO Kids Cycling Knee Pads are here!

We want every child to enjoy the ride; sometimes that means being extra careful on the school run, sometimes it’s for the shred downhill but whatever the occasion, the Ti-GO Tech Knee Pads are lovingly made with kids in mind. The super soft fit means that they won’t even know they are on – until they are needed!

Pairing wonderfully with the Ti-GO Tech Knee Pads the compression lycra body comfortably fits the leg and the ‘GO-SHOCK’ soft foam protects the knee cap upon impact without slipping whilst allowing easy movement while riding.

Available in 3 sizes, the T-Go Kids Cycling Knee Pads caterer for the starter rider through to the first time on pedals, the pad can fit perfectly under shorts or trousers and the breathable material helps keep moisture away.

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Ti-Go Tech Knee Pad Size Chart