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Ride To School And Kick Start Your Day

kids riding to school

A bike ride to school is the ultimate kick start to your day

We are all guilty of it, rushing around in the mornings all trying to get ready for our day ahead. Most of us will instinctively grab the car keys when the time comes to leave. Bundling the kids into the car and acting as some school bound taxi driver.

Whilst this can make sure that they are on time, we don’t think it is the most productive for your kids. In fact, in the battle of 4 wheels’ vs 2 wheels. We can only see one clear winner.

That is why we have put together the top reasons why we believe that clipping their helmets on and letting them head to school on pedal power is the best way to kick start all of your mornings.

Riding to SchoolKids need more exercise

It is recommended that children have at least one hour of moderate physical activity each and every day. This includes cycling. However, the reality is that only 6 in ten boys and 4 in ten girls actually do that much. Whilst this is largely due to the world of technology, the parents are also partly to blame.

We are a generation who are much more likely to drive our kids around, rather than getting them to walk or cycle. So, if we want to make sure that our kids are getting the workouts that they need, then it is down to us to encourage this.

It gets them ready and awake for the day

Whilst the long-term health benefits of cycling are clear, it is those immediate plus points that could seal the deal for you. Children (not to mention adults) who cycle in the morning will be more alert and ready for the day.

This could even go as far to improving the focus and academic performance of your child. After all, if they are feeling wide awake and ready to learn, then they are much more likely to take everything in.

We all want to be a bit greener

It is no secret that cycling is much better for the environment than driving. So, as well as being great for your family, cycling to school is kinder to the world around us too. It also saves you money in petrol, which is an extra benefit to think about.

It allows them to let off some steam

This is particularly true if you turn the cycle home into somewhat of a game. Perhaps choosing different routes or allowing them to tackle some hilly or woody areas. By the time you all get home, you will not only feel great but maybe a little worn out too. Ideal for tackling homework or simply getting ready to wind down after a long day!

So why not use the New Year as a great excuse to get out there and dust off your bikes? After all, we all could do with a little more exercise to work off the post-Christmas bloat!

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