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Fashionable Kids Cycling Clothes Are More Than Just Looking Good


Keep your children happy with trendy and fashionable kids cycling clothes

kids cycling clothes

Children should have a fun time out cycling right from your word go and Little Pro provides a large range of kids cycling clothes in the top brands.
Todays children are fussy when it comes to fashion, particularly as it pertains to the current trends. We carry junior versions of most of the current professional biking kit suppliers. Top branded biking suppliers products Wulfsport, Ale, ShredXS and more to keep your children fashionable and safe.


Childrens Shorts and tights

Children’s cycling tights and shorts should really be worn on each bike ride to assist your children stay comfortable in the saddle for as long as they possibly can. Cycling tights and shorts made particularly for kids usually come without straps (for practical reasons) and feature an anatomically formed seat pad. To keep your kids safeguarded in the wind and rain, you can also find kids cycling jackets and children’s head gear.


Keeping your little ones head protected while out cycling is a must, so ensure they have a helmet and that it fits well and is of course, a good quality item. We stock a range of kids cycling clothes for children’s safety equipment and cycling gloves.


We will be adding helmets to our store soon in addition to our own Little Pro brand cycling jacket. Designed by a top sportswear designer who has worked for, many of the big names in Cycling.

Little Pro Jacket


A well thought through design with features such as padded elbows and high visibility. A quarter zip means it’s a top that suits for all occasions for the little ones. Send a msg to register your interest today by clicking the link,  Yes I am interested in the Little Pro Jacket

So keep watching and thanks for supporting us at Little Pro.

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